Green Sun: Rise & Fall

Hybrid (hand and computer moderated), clan type, science-fiction, Play by Mail Game

Green Sun: Rise & Fall is an open-ended play-by-mail game in which the player takes control of a race of creatures, who having just mastered the technology to travel faster than light, are about to set out and explore the stars. This breakthrough, and the exploration it leads to, opens up a new ‘golden age’ for the race in terms of technological advancement. Whatever the history of your race up until this point, the commitment by your people to explore the stars will see a great blossoming of ideas, leading to ever more opportunities.

Click on the button below to download the named file. 

The Rulebook contains all the information to get you started in the game.

The Racial Generation Document takes you through the design of your race.

The Starter Pack is a collection of documents you may find helpfull when starting the game.

Rogues Gallery...

At least two of these races are in the game, probably because not all are friendly!